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 24 hours CycloCircuit Cheste.

24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste- Team CalderonaBike 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Podium equipos 4.

24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste. Carles 24 horas CycloCircuit Cheste

TEAM CALDERONA BIKE Podium, 3º Classifieds.

After getting set on June 22, 2015 in Sagunto (Valencia) the new world record UMCA 24h. Track Outdoor - Master 50, achieving a distance of 681 km. I consider recovering the tremendous effort and manage the training to arrive in conditions on August 2 to Cheste to compete in the 24 hours Cyclo Circuit.

The opportunity to organize a team of 4 cyclists with the Team Calderona Bike with Francisco Garcia Morillas, Toni Marin Navalón and Carlos Baixauli arises.
I consider this option because in addition to not being able to recover the effort of my challenge in June, at the beginning of July I underwent training a spectacular fall that causes an intercostal sprain and a distension in the adductor of the left leg.

In these conditions I come to Cheste with the intention of contributing to the team my contribution
I had previously participated in 24-hour tests, but in Cheste I am surprised by the tremendous rhythm of a constant race, comparable to the 24 hours. of Le Mans. Then in the team we decided to adjust the relays to this race pace.

Todo va fenomenal en el equipo, hasta que llega la noche y una tremenda indisposición estomacal me lleva a la Everything goes great in the team, until the night comes and a tremendous stomach upset takes me to the infirmary ... Injection of Primperan and the doctors suggest me 12 hours of rest. As??? I can not leave the team aside !!
The tremendous pains in my stomach and head force me to spend the night lying on the mattress. While the team (only 3 left) works like a charm. They are some cracks !.
At dawn we go third by teams of 4 and decided to try to leave a relay to see how the body responds, and although not 100% I can help the team until the end of the race.

A perfect organization and the good rolling of all the participants allows the event to end without any inconvenience towards its outcome. Throughout the test in the pits you can enjoy an impressive environment, A cycling experience that only lives in this type of tests. The one who tries it repeats, I attest to that.

At the end of the test we managed to maintain the 3rd position. Podium for Team Calderona BIKE !!. Great support received by Calderona Bike! And special mention for Ana, a veteran in these games, an impressive coach, never fails. She is always by my side in all these "crazy things" that ultra-deep cycling motivates us so much. She is a very important part that makes all these adventures possible.

Congratulations to the impeccable organization and encouragement with the 2nd edition of July 30-31 of this year 2016 that will also become the I Championship of Spain 24 hours of cycling and scores for the World Cup of Ultracycling and the Cup of Spain.

In 2015 it was not possible but in this edition of 2016 I will participate in the individual category. I can not lose it!!

24h Cyclocircuit: www.24hcyclocircuit.com